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How do I get involved?

  • Contact us on here or join our Facebook page, then just come along.

  • We have a ranging ability of runners that are part of the club. We have lots of new runners, as well as the more experienced. So you are sure to find someone matching your ability. 

  • Join the Facebook page as that is where you will find our most up to date information, including upcoming runs.

  • Each week you will find a poll on Facebook giving all the details of the upcoming Club Run. This will give location, timing and you need to tick the poll if you are attending. 

What do I need?

  • Cross country trainers are a very good idea! You are likely to get very muddy and it could be quite slippery in places.

  • Normal running clothing is fine, but do have a look at our club kit too.

  • Your dog will need a suitable harness for running in. Consider looking at this blog for advice.

  • You will also need a belt to run in. 

  • However! Don't let this put you off. We have a HUGE kit bag with everything in it which you may need. You are able to borrow kit on any Club Run once you have become a member (as well as at your first three 'free' runs.

  • Our members will also be able to provide advice and guidance on which kit works for them.

What's the distance?

  • Wessex Canicross prides itself on being incredibly inclusive. 

  • Each weekend we work hard to have at least two runs. One for the more able group and one for the slightly more social group.

  • The Facebook post will show the different distances and speeds being offered each week, so there will be no surprises when you arrive!

  • If you would like something slightly different one week, then please do suggest it as we are always looking for new Run Leaders.

  • If you're super new to it all and our slower runs still feel very daunting, don't panic. Emily is in charge of organising beginner/improvers runs and they usually happen at least two Saturdays per month.

Which dogs are allowed?

  • There is no restriction on dog breeds allowed on our runs. The most important thing is that your dog is ready, willing and able. 

  • It is recommended that your dog is 12 months old before competing in canicross. We believe that you know the capabilities of your own dogs, please do be aware of their growth platelets though. Start short, slow and steady.

  • We have a huge array of dog personalities in the club. Some want to be your best friend and others don't. Please don't let your dog run up to others until you know them.

  • Muzzles are allowed, but please use the basket type so your dog can pant and drink.

  • You are able to run two dogs together if you are feeling brave, but control is  of the utmost importance.