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Covid-19 policy

Covid-19 policy

All members of our club have a duty of care to ensure we prevent the spread of Covid-19. This policy applies to any run posted on the Wessex club page and therefore subject to our Covid risk assessment. This is in addition to our generic club risk assessment and usual guidelines still apply.

The Committee will ensure they have full up to date contact details for all club members. In respect of members under 18, this will require full contact details for parents/guardians. This is to facilitate contact tracing in the event of a suspected Covid 19 case.

The club has nominated a Covid 19 Coordinator (Sarah Ward) who will keep up to date with current guidance to ensure these guidelines are being strictly observed.

Symptoms of Covid-19
• If any member of the club is unwell with a new continuous cough or a high temperature they must not attend a run and are advised to follow the stay at home guidance.
• If any members, who have been on a club run in the preceding 14 days, develop Covid-19 they must inform a member of the committee. This is required to facilitate contact tracing.
• Should any member have any pre-existing medical condition, they should seek the advice of their medical practitioner as to the advisability of resuming club activity at this juncture.
Attending club runs

Run leaders must ensure:
• Run group sizes can now be unlimited (15 maximum if canicrossing) but a poll must be completed for any group run. No one will be permitted to join a run unless they have completed the poll.
• Members are reminded about the need to social distance and the importance of hygiene, such as hand washing before leaving home and the use of sanitiser gel before returning home.
• Everyone attending a run is carrying a face mask or buff/scarf that they can use in case of injury which requires the 2m distance being broken to provide assistance.
• They keep a record of attendance at each run. Run leaders must ensure the poll is ticked before the member is able to join the run. This is required to facilitate contact tracing should a suspected case of Covid 19 arise plus meet the requirement for health questionnaire.

All club members or potential new members must:
• Tick the poll to confirm attendance on a run. If possible, please avoid unticking at the last minute, as this may affect plans the run leader has put in place. We understand things happen though and this sometimes cannot be avoided.
• Carry a face mask / buff / scarf on every run in case of injury.
• Observe social distancing – runs will be limited to a maximum of 5 plus run leader. Please ensure a minimum of 2m is kept between everyone at all times. When running directly behind someone, consider extending the gap to allow for the slipstream.
• Consider bringing their own hand sanitiser for use at the end of a run before travelling home.

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