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There are runners and dogs of all shapes, sizes and speeds, and our runs cater for everyone. Club runs are usually at the weekends and typically there is more than one group, so everyone feels included. We normally have both faster and slower groups, as well as varying distances. Club members often organise group runs at other times as well.


The most up to date information is in the Wessex Canicross Facebook Group, this is where details of the locations and times of weekly runs will be posted.

Many of us run Parkrun on Saturday mornings all year round. The ones we frequent are Southwick Country Park (Trowbridge) and Montacute House (Yeovil) however this is dogless.


We are a friendly club, and are keen to encourage a supportive and welcoming atmosphere at all club activities.  We train for fun, so we welcome friendly competition, but expect everyone to have regard for others' enjoyment, look out for others around them, help others when needed, and add to the positive atmosphere.  We are inclusive to all.


Non-members are welcome to join us for a maximum of 3 runs as a guest before you would need to become a member.


Please ensure that you, and your dog, are in good health.  Let us and your fellow runners know of any medical conditions that you feel may affect you on club activities.  All participants in club activities are expected to take reasonable regard for their own and others' safety.   


Juniors (U18s) are welcome to join us, U14s must run with a parent or guardian whilst taking part in club activities, and U12s must run with a secondary line attached to the dog and their accompanying adult in case of emergency.


All participants in club activities run at their own risk and the club accepts no liability for injury or loss to participants or their dogs.

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